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Houses of Worship

“Jeff Kearnan continues to be an invaluable asset to our customers who seek guidance and information about safety and security concerns in their houses of worship. He goes above and beyond to address each question, offering solutions that prioritize the unique needs of each religious community that we serve. Jeff’s commitment, expertise, and deep understanding of safety and security practices have helped countless houses of worship achieve their risk management goals and protect their properties today and in the future. We highly recommend his services to anyone seeking reliable and thorough knowledge in this critical area.”

-Julie Tackett
Marketing Communications Specialist
Church & Casualty Insurance Agency

“Jeff Kearnan has truly been a beacon of support and expertise for our church community. His dedication to enhancing our safety and security measures has been invaluable. Through informative webinars and tailored advice, Jeff has empowered us with insightful strategies to address vulnerabilities within our premises.

Moreover, Jeff’s proactive approach extends beyond advice; he actively assists us in navigating grant opportunities to fortify our space. This commitment to practical support is a testament to his genuine desire to see our ministry thrive in a secure environment.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff Kearnan to anyone seeking to strengthen the safety and preparedness of their ministry or business. With Jeff’s guidance, you can trust that you’re in capable hands, ready to face any challenge with confidence.”

– Tricia Coates

“I first started working with Jeff Kearnan when he responded to an inquiry I made through the insurance company that provides coverage for the church where I serve as the security director. As a retired FBI Special Agent Bomb Technician, I sometimes view consultants with a degree of healthy skepticism. With Jeff Kearnan, any skepticism quickly disappeared. Not only did Jeff provide a fast, helpful response, but he followed it up by providing many resources and consultations that addressed not just that particular issue but also many security-related topics. Kearnan went above and beyond in sharing his experience, knowledge, and insight into security and safety issues affecting the church. His professionalism, dedication, and the dialogue that developed between us, along with the resources he provides, are truly impressive. When you work with Jeff and Kearnan Consulting, you get an individual and service that not only knows, understands, and is committed to assisting faith-based organizations but also goes “all in” on anything they are involved in. Working with Jeff has strengthened our church’s security and safety programs and helped me become better equipped as a security director to handle the wide variety of issues that arise from working in a faith-based environment.”

– Patrick Race, Director of Security and Safety
Calvary Community Church
Westlake, CA

“In our day and age with the ever increasing need for professional guidance and the development of security and safety programs, there is no one more equipped, skilled, and with a better protective and caring heart in the industry than Jeff Kearnan, of Kearnan Consulting Group. Jeff made himself completely available to help us during a shifting time of greater need, and tirelessly worked to research and develop the specific Operating Procedures and give clear professional direction for our organization, according to the current State Laws and Insurance Requirements. I truly don’t know how we would have navigated through this area of growth and improvement without him…and he provided this assistance in such a personal way, in a manner that only a friend and mentor would…and yet at the highest professional level, in a manner that only an expert and experienced man could.”

-Troy Dewey
Maranatha Chapel
San Diego, CA

Court Litigation / Expert Witness

“We had a case we inherited late in litigation, just days before experts were due. Someone recommended we call Jeff. Not only was Jeff able to review the entire five-year-old file, but he put together a great report, all before we had to request a continuance of the expert deadline. It was a difficult case with liability highly contested, but Jeff was able to find several small caveats to show all the little things the defendant’s security guards did wrong or failed to do completely! Jeff’s report, and subsequent rebuttal of the defense expert’s report, helped get the case into mediation, where we were able to acquire a six-figure settlement for the client. Without Jeff’s help, we would likely still be in litigation! We will definitely use Jeff’s services again in the future!”

-Michael Trippiedi, Esq.
ZT Law Group | Las Vegas Criminal and Personal Injury Attorneys

“Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jeff Kearnan, and I cannot recommend his services highly enough. From start to finish, the experience was exceptional. Mr. Kearnan is not just another expert or consultant; he is a consummate professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of security.

One of the first things that stood out to me was Mr. Kearnan’s impressive educational background. His credentials speak volumes about his dedication to staying at the forefront of their field. But what truly sets him apart is his ability to translate that knowledge into practical, actionable advice. Mr. Kearnan has a rare gift for breaking down complex security concepts into digestible information that anyone can understand.

Throughout our engagement, Mr. Kearnan demonstrated a keen attention to detail and a commitment to thoroughness that gave me complete confidence in his recommendations and findings.

Perhaps most impressive of all was Mr. Kearnan’s professionalism. He approached every aspect of the project with the utmost professionalism, from his prompt communication to his meticulous documentation of findings. It was clear that he genuinely cared about the Plaintiff and ensuring that the wrongdoer was held accountable.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a security expert who is not only well-educated and informative but also exceptionally professional, look no further than Mr. Kearnan. Working with him was truly a pleasure, and I have no doubt that he will continue to exceed expectations for anyone fortunate enough to enlist his services.”

-David Finegold, Esq., Senior Litigation Attorney

“Jeff is a great safety and security expert because he’s honest, direct, and knowledgeable. Jeff understands the industry standards through personal experience on the job, and also because he is directly engaged in drafting standards now used in the industry. Importantly, because Jeff is brutally honest in his evaluations, his forensic opinions cannot only be relied on to better understand a case, but they will hold up under scrutiny since they are the simple truth. It’s been my pleasure to work closely with Jeff on important cases–his contributions have been invaluable. “

-Kimball Jones, Esq.

“Jeff provided expert witness investigation support of a multi-agency and officers-involved shooting case that encompassed a thorough review and analysis of evidence, reconstruction of the incident, application of legal standards, formulation of an expert opinion, trial preparation for deposition testimonies, and ongoing communication and coordination with our team, helping us win with a Summary Judgement ruling.”

-Adriana Jisa, Esq., Purdy Law
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Security Consultation & Assessments

“We began working with Kearnan Consulting Group to enhance the physical and technological security at our sites and were very impressed with the expertise that Jeffrey and his team provided.  They cost-effectively identified the “road map” to achieve our security goals and provided follow up support and insightful advice.  I highly recommend their services.”

– Bart Miller, Director of EH&S, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery

“My firm has used Kearnan Consulting Group, LLC for highly sensitive projects; they are one of the very few firms which I would turn to when a crisis needs to be resolved. Their work is very detailed and integrous. On a personal note, I have known Kearnan Consulting Group founder, (Jeff Kearnan) for over 20 years since when he was involved in high level projects at his agency. Jeff helped us coordinate a major counter terrorist / hostage rescue exercise held on Alcatraz Island named Operation ShieldRock involving multiple agencies. We have had the honor of also working alongside Jeff throughout the years on various sensitive projects with effective resolution in every case. I highly recommend Kearnan Consulting Group, LLC as your crisis resolution experts.”

-Daniel M. Gonzalez
Execushield, Inc.

“Jeff at Kearnan Consulting Group helped us with an important security assessment involving a large government project. We will work with him again.”

– Sean Ahrens CPP
Security Market Group Leader

“Having worked with Jeff at Kearnan Consulting on several collaborative security projects, I can say that there is no one better to contact when trying to secure your facilities and people.”

– Billy K. Johnson, PSP, CPTED
J-2 Security Services
U.S. Marshals Service (Ret)

“Kearnan Consulting, led by Jeff Kearnan, provided exceptional support in optimizing our organizational structure and processes. Their team-building workshops were invaluable for enhancing collaboration, while their thorough internal investigations ensured integrity and transparency. Overall, they proved to be indispensable partners in our pursuit of operational excellence.”

-Evan Kubota, Director of Field Operations
Execushield, Inc.

Grant Writing

“I’m Audrey Magnusen, founder of Nonprofit Solutions Unlimited, and I’m writing to express my unwavering endorsement of Jeff Kearnan and Kearnan Consulting Group.

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and preparedness of our organizations is paramount. Nonprofits are no exception. We face a unique set of challenges, from limited resources to diverse stakeholder needs. That’s where Jeff’s expertise truly shines.

Jeff’s 36+ years of experience are evident in his comprehensive approach. He doesn’t just create a plan; he tailors it to fit the specific needs of your organization. Whether you’re a small business, a school, or a house of worship, Kearnan Consulting Group can craft a personalized strategy to address both manmade and natural threats.

Jeff brings invaluable real-world experience to the table. His in-depth plans, insightful reports, and engaging training sessions empower organizations to be proactive in safeguarding their people and property.

At Nonprofit Solutions Unlimited, we understand the importance of preparedness. Partnering with Kearnan Consulting Group provides our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a plan in place. I highly recommend Jeff and his team to any organization seeking to prioritize safety and well-being.”

“Jeff and his team were very easy to work with. Not only did they walk our campus and photograph areas of concern, they researched crime in our neighborhood to put together a concise and easy to read report. Their follow-up and communication has been excellent. I have referred two other churches to Kearnan Consulting and will continue to do so.”

– Kristi Czeshinski
Church Administrator
Trinity Lutheran Church

Law Enforcement

“I am a retired Police Chief from the Belmont Police Department in California and the former Director of Emergency Management for the County of San Mateo. I have known Jeff Kearnan for over 25 years and have worked with him at several levels as police chief and director of emergency management. Jeff is a very experienced individual who brings passion to what he does. An essential part of who Jeff is that he is a Christian, and he believes that service to others is important. This value permeates his life. Jeff created Kearnan Consulting to serve churches and schools because, in the many years of public service that he has had, he saw the immediate need. Jeff is a tireless individual who will serve your community professionally and practically.”

-Don Mattei

“I have known Jeff Kearnan for over 25 years. We worked together on covert cases while assigned to DEA and years later at the FBI- DHS Fusion Center in San Francisco. Leader, liaison, and Assistant Sheriff, Jeff has shown the ability to be the one with the “ cool head” in many critical incidents. His training, education, and experience is top notice. I miss not working with him here in San Mateo County and the Bay Area. A true asset to any organization.”

-Robert J. Silano
Menlo Park Fire Protection District

“Jeff Kearnan has spent his life in service to his country as a leader in the field of protecting public safety and our nation’s critical infrastructure. As the Assistant Deputy Director of the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC), Jeff led a team of law enforcement officers and analysts that detected threats, analyzed suspicious activity reports, prevented threats, and protected our most important critical infrastructure in the Northern District of California. Jeff has always been committed to accomplishing the mission of making communities safer by providing partners with the tools and resources that they need to protect their facilities and personnel.”

-Mike Sena
Executive Director
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center

Emergency Management

“At the height of Covid, I did not have enough high-level resources to adequately oversee the County’s EOC, maintain lockdown and civil unrest, support clinics and field hospitals, order and distribute PPE, and conduct vaccinations for 800,000 residents. Jeff Kearnan was a trusted and respected resource who was hired to help manage our first of its kind model for a drive-through mass vaccination center. Overseeing hundreds of employees and volunteers, Jeff directed coordination of the mass vacation operation which included security, and all other support systems. The operation was brilliantly successful and ultimately copied as a model plan for mass vaccinations in all parts of the Bay Area, and throughout California. We wouldn’t have been as successful if Jeff hadn’t joined our team.”

-Dan Belville
Director of Emergency Management (Ret.)
San Mateo County, CA

“Jeff is a tremendous partner and consummate professional who is innovative, collaborative and works tirelessly to accomplish mission objectives. In support of the containment and mitigation of COVID-19, he timely procured commercial space for the temporary housing of medical personnel, patients and people experiencing homelessness. Simultaneously, Jeff brought to fruition, coordinated and oversaw the operational infrastructure and logistics necessary to enable the ongoing delivery of critical healthcare and sheltering services which were spread across multiple physical locations. His unique understanding and experience in assuring safety and security in high risk environments, leadership capacity and executive presence were vital to the success of these initiatives.”

-Travis Kusman, MPH, Paramedic
Director, Emergency Medical Services
Medical / Health Operational Area Coordinator
County of San Mateo

” The County Office of Emergency Management, led by Jeff Kearnan, spearheaded initiatives within county departments, facilitating the coordination necessary for the development of department-specific continuity of operations plans, thereby culminating in the formulation of an overarching continuity of business plan. This comprehensive plan enhanced the County’s ability to continue essential services in the event of a disruption of normal services.”

-Kelle Kroll
Kelle Kroll Group

“I served alongside Jeff in the Office of Emergency Services as a Fire Battalion Chief. Jeff’s remarkable talent lies in bridging the gap between the Fire and Police domains, facilitating consensus on a myriad of issues. His unique gift for communicating effectively with diverse stakeholders and strategizing for the unforeseeable, such as developing a comprehensive multidisciplinary terrorism response plan, sets him apart. Together, we tackled tasks ranging from planning for major events like the Super Bowl to crafting Hazard Mitigation Plans, managing SWAT incidents, and addressing numerous “routine” emergencies. Jeff’s adeptness at navigating a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary hazards is commendable. His collaborative approach unites the planning team, fostering cohesion and ensuring our collective efforts keep our communities safe.”

-Dave Pucci
Bay Area Fire Chief

“Jeff Kearnan and the Kearnan Consulting Group emerges as a dynamic leader and an authority on a wide array of public safety domains, spanning from safeguarding vulnerable sites to navigating emerging legal frameworks for liability mitigation.

Throughout his tenure with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, Jeff assumed various roles, fostering consistent interaction between his agency and mine. This interaction was particularly pronounced during his tenure in tactical operations (SWAT) and later as the head of the Office of Emergency Services (OES) and Emergency Services Bureau (ESB). Collaboratively, Jeff and I addressed a spectrum of challenges, from orchestrating dignitary visits and managing high-risk events to coordinating regional flood control strategies and responding to unforeseen critical incidents.

Jeff’s problem-solving prowess transcends the law enforcement realm; he is equally well-versed in emergency management principles encompassing all hazards. Moreover, he demonstrates proficiency in navigating the requirements of non-governmental organizations. Remarkably, Jeff approaches sensitive topics and challenging situations with a rare blend of tact and equilibrium.”

-OES Chief Kenneth Dueker
City of Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services

“From 2006 to 2013, during my time in San Mateo, California, I had the privilege of collaborating with Jeff. His leadership was pivotal to the success of our multi-agency SWAT and Terrorism Counter Assault Team, as he played a crucial role in our operational responses. Jeff’s adept command and control were consistently evident, ensuring our unit’s repeated success in fulfilling our missions. Moreover, he demonstrated a profound grasp of the Incident Command System, along with the sustained Emergency Management required during prolonged incidents. Jeff also excelled in coordinating with various allied agencies across numerous operational periods, showcasing his ability to effectively manage complex inter-agency relationships.”

-Mike Marsh
Principal Consultant
EMT-P, TEMS Specialist
Marsh EMS Consulting

“I worked with Jeff Kearnan when San Mateo County rebooted its Mass Vaccination site in October 2021 to deliver the first Covid-19 booster vaccines. Jeff and I served as the Unified Command – he was the Incident Commander, and I was the Health Operations Chief. Jeff had a keen awareness of the day-to-day needs of the operation, especially as pertained to staffing, meeting all FEMA requirements and ensuring the overall safety of the site. The nature of an “emergency response” that at its core was actually a medical clinic, required Jeff and I to closely collaborate daily, to ensure all of the clinical needs aligned with the overall safety and smooth operations of the Mass Vaccination site. Jeff’s attention to detail and great sense of humor, made sitting next to him for 90 days, a pleasure.”

-Trish Erwin, PhD

“Jeff worked as the Emergency Care and Shelter Program Manager for the San Mateo County Human Services Agency, directing a team that managed alternative housing programs. Jeff’s vast professional experience allowed him to fill any leadership role we needed – Section Chief, Incident Command, Operations, Planning and Logistics. He possesses stellar interpersonal skills, balanced and fair judgement, and is always accessible and responsive. Jeff was also diligent with all related investigations and documentation, a rare find. I valued Jeff as a thought partner and admire his dedication to public service and always being there for those impacted by disaster.”

-Selina Toy Lee
Director of Collaborative Community Outcomes
San Mateo County Human Services Agency