Safety and Security Team Training Plan


The 66-page fully scalable and editable Comprehensive Training Plan is a structured overview of essential components within a training program.

It begins with the Mission, Vision and Purpose for the Team, and has specific chapters devoted to Team Member Training, Communication, Threat Physiology, De-escalation, Use of Force, Firearms Qualifications, How to Announce Training, How to Document Training and a forecast for an annual training matrix.

The Plan includes examples of a training summary, After Action Reports, Incident Report, Definitions and Resource References.


The Training Syllabus serves as the foundational document outlining the curriculum and objectives for the training program. It delineates the topics covered, learning outcomes, and the schedule of training sessions.

Firearms Qualification outlines the standards and requirements for participants to demonstrate proficiency and competence in handling firearms. This section likely includes details about the types of firearms used, the shooting drills participants must complete, and the scoring criteria for passing the qualification.

The Skills Matrix is a comprehensive document that maps out the skills and competencies expected of individuals participating in the training program. It provides a structured framework for tracking progress and assessing proficiency levels across various skill sets.

The Training Documentation Template is a standardized format for documenting training activities, including attendance records, training materials used, and any assessments conducted during the training sessions. This template ensures consistency and thoroughness in recording training-related information.

The After-Action Report Template is a crucial tool for evaluating the effectiveness of training exercises and response efforts following an incident. It allows for a systematic review of actions taken, lessons learned, and recommendations for improvement.

Lastly, the Incident Report Template provides a standardized format for documenting any incidents that occur during training sessions or real-world scenarios. It captures essential details about the incident, including the date, time, location, individuals involved, and a description of what transpired. This template facilitates accurate reporting and analysis of incidents to identify areas for improvement in training and response protocols.